HP-UX Easter Egg - Manpage for Tunfs(1m)

1. $ man tunefs
2. It's an old, traditional joke, not so much an easter egg. i'm glad to see it appearing in a commercial unix.

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Contributed By: Keebler on 07-25-1999
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Special Requirements: hp-ux 10.20
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I am responsible for both HP-UX eggs. The tunefs goodie came from Berkley Unix and appeared as early as HP-UX 5.0. When my co-workers in Cupertino HP threatened to remove it from the HP-UX Reference manual and the online manual entries, I told them (since I controlled back-end production and typesetting that I would manually add it to the final product and put it in bold-face type. The other one appearing in the poll(2) entry originated with me. I am not certain that I didn't get the idea from someone else -- it happened over 10 years ago -- but I placed it in the reference, probably about HP-UX 7.0 as nearly as I can recall. Apparently the poll(2) egg disappeared at HP-UX 11.0 when source files were changed to SGML from troff, but the tunefs(1M) is still there. The reference is available online at: http://docs.hp.com/hpux/onlinedocs/B2355-90681/B2355-90681.html An index of all HP-UX 11.0 documents is at: http://docs.hp.com/hpux/os/11.0/index.html#HP-UX%20Reference%20(Manpages) or just go to http://docs.hp.com for general system documentation I am now safely retired from the corporate clutches since fall 1999... :-) Clarke Echols
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BobzNKazoo writes:
Look in the warnings section for this egg.
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Ilgaz writes:
Glad to say that it lives on Apple OS X 10.5 (or entire OS X tree). The man page comes from 4.2 BSD It is in BUGS section. man tunefs
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