Spear of Destiny Easter Eggs

Crack the Code to Get in with One Simple Word - 7.0/10 with 58 votes
1. Open Spear of Destiny
2. When it asks for a code to play the game, type "snoops"
3. This gets you into the game every time without having to know anything.
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Secret Picture - 4.9/10 with 16 votes
1. First the game has to be spear of destiny
2. Then go to change view
3. Hold down "i" and "d" at the same time
4. Keep holding them and push escape
5. You will see a goofy hidden picture
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Explanation of Two Backdoor Passwords - 3.1/10 with 13 votes
The previous egg entries to this category mentioned the two passwords that always let you in past the "answer a question from the manual" copy protection used by this game, 'pelt' and 'joshua'. Neither mentioned the significance of these two words. ... more
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