Sim City 2000 Easter Eggs

TV Show Names - 9.5/10 with 19 votes
The names of some of the neighbor cities are from British TV shows. For example, the cities Lister, Rimmer, Cat's Corner, and Krighton (albeit, this city is spelt incorrectly) are all characters from the show "Red Dwarf." Other names include Blake and... more
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Mayday, Mayday, We're Goin' Down! - 7.2/10 with 35 votes
Enter any reletively large city, when you see a helicopter flying around this city, select the centering tool, use the tool as if they were cross-hairs too gun down the helicopter. It should go spinning down to the ground and land in a crash, its pretty... more
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pic Crazy Message - 7.1/10 with 35 votes
Go to the Sim City 2000 folder (c:\Maxis\SimCity 2000) and right click on the SIMCITY.exe file and go to properties.

Now click the Version tab and under Comments it reads "He tried to kill me with a forklift!"
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Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 6.7/10 with 255 votes

Cheat #1
1. Any time during game type in "porntipsguzzardo"
2. After you type that in to get more all you do is type in "ardo"
3. You'll get lots of money

Cheat #2
1. Type "Funds" 5 times
2. Go to budget window
3. Issue bond
4. After this,... more
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pic Superman in New Orleans - 6.6/10 with 125 votes
1. Go to load city
2. Pick New Orleans
3. Type in Priscilla to get "debug"
4. Go to debug and start a volcano
5. Then Build a nuclear power plant
6. Go to debug and have a melt down
7. Super man in a purple suit will fly across the screen... more
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Nessie - 6.1/10 with 87 votes
1. Build a marina in your city
2. Wait for a while, and when you hear a sound like the roar when you place a zoo, pause the game
3. Look around the water near the marina, and Nessie the Loch Ness Monster will have replaced a sailboat for a short time
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The Secret of Sim Earth - 5.9/10 with 102 votes
1. Load 349 Arco
2. Put the speed on Swallow
3. Wait until it says the exodus has begun
4. Then wait until all the arcologies disappear (it may take a while)
5. Read the meassage box
6. Enjoy!
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The Arcology Dance - 5.9/10 with 47 votes
Type "vaudeville" and you'll see.
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Military Base - 5.7/10 with 92 votes
1. Take the finder icon and click in the middle of the screen.
2. Then type (gilmartin)
3. Then the national guard will tell you if you have a good place in your city to put the base
4. If it says NO the first time repeat the above
5. You can... more
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Funny Eggs - 5.2/10 with 77 votes
1. "heck"- says funny message
2. "vers"-gives you version number of software
3. "fund"-gives you $10,000 bond at 25% interest
4. "porn"-programmer moans "can't get enough"
5. "memy"- memory check
6. "damn"-same as heck
7. "darn"-same as heck... more
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Debug Menu - 5.2/10 with 80 votes
1. Load SimCity 2000. You don't have to have a new city.
2. Click on the bar of the toolbar. You can do this only in city building
3. Then type: OIVAIZMIR (it doesn't have to be in captial)
4. After that, you should notice an extra menu called "Debug"... more
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Moose - 4.9/10 with 97 votes
After clearing a large section of forest, the citizens will protest. If this happens repeatedly, you will be asked if you want to hear the call of the moose, the inhabitant of the forest you're destroying. Click "Yes" to hear it.
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Brings Up Cute Joke - 3.8/10 with 66 votes
1. Get into any city in Sim City 2000.
2. Type JOKE (it doesn't have to be in capitals).
3. Laugh.
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Sailboat's Owner - 3.5/10 with 57 votes
After you've built a Marina and start getting sailboats, activate the Info tool and click on one of the sailboats. The description will say "First Light" (the name of the boat) and also "Capt. J. Scirica". J. Scirica is the name of one of SC2K's lead... more
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Programmer's Message (Special Edition) - 2.6/10 with 52 votes
1. Wait until after In Flight Demo
2. Get to the Menu
3. Press and Hold "P" (no quotations)
4. While holding "P", click on "Start New City"
5. Listen to programmers message.
6. (It may work with other versions)
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