Gran Turismo 4 Easter Eggs

Secret Vehicles - 9.8/10 with 14 votes
When it is day 694, four secret black GT-1 cars appear in two of the used showrooms. These four cars can be bought in total for aproximately $8.500.000, which is an absolute bargain as these are very powerful vehicles. There also is the Initial D AE86... more

Trial-me Eggs - 7.5/10 with 6 votes
1.On Trial Mountain, when you go through the rocky area, you will notice a tree over hanging the course. If you look carefully, you'll see a monkey on it.
2.Also on Trial Mountain, when you get to the top of the crest, you will see an interesting velley... more

Producer's Autograph - 4.5/10 with 6 votes
When ever you complete the tests and earn a licence, there will be a card that comes up on the screen that shows that you passed and recieved a licence. If you look to the lower right corner, you can see a signature. If you read it, it says "Kazunori... more

Producer's Signature - 2.9/10 with 24 votes
When you pass a licence test, the card with your name on it and says that you passed will show up on your screen. If you notice, there is a signature on the bottom right. If you read it, it says "Kazunori Yamauchi". Kazunori Yamauchi is the game's producer.

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