SiN Easter Eggs

Secret Weapons - 9.5/10 with 30 votes
To get hold of some secret weapons in SiN, do the following:

Go to the console, and type:
give heligun
use heligun

Go to the console, and type:
give thrallgun
use thrallgun

Go to the console, and type:
give... more

Room of Hot Material (PG) - 8.9/10 with 37 votes
1. Warning: this contains sexually explicit material. Stop reading if you have not reached the legal age.
2. I found this egg by myself. And I haven't read it mentioned any where else.
3. It is at a very late level, called Sinclaire Residence. Blade... more
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pic Daring Escape from Bank! - 8.5/10 with 14 votes
Start the very first stage in which you take out rooftop snipers from a helicopter.

Shoot at the trees until you have destroyed all of them. I suggest you take out all the missile launchers first as you may get killed while shooting at the trees.

You... more
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pic Robot Macarena - 8.3/10 with 19 votes
Go to the Head Quarter!!!
Then go to the sniper range area where the robot is. On the left side (farthest from the fridge) of the table nearest to the refrigerator there is a switch,crouch and hit it and the lights will shut off and then music will start... more
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Woman Praying to Ritual - 7.9/10 with 9 votes
In the level 'BioMech Factory' there is a cool egg, but its hard for me to describe.

There is a room, a curving room with lots of gun turrets that fire at you. There are no guards in the room but there are little boxes on trolleys that come out of... more
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Naked Elexis Skin - 7.3/10 with 46 votes
Open the sin\base\pak0.sin file with sinview or pakview. Under the models\pl_elexis\ folder, you will find a folder named "folder-x". There are three files. Extract them from the .sin and copy them to the folder SiN\base\models\Pl_elexis.
YEAH, I KNOW... more
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Bank Accounts - 5.6/10 with 13 votes
1. I didn't discover this myself. I read about this but can't locate the source now.
2. At level one (demo or retail version), Blade jumped from the helicopter into the bank. A few steps ahead there are Teller Machines on the right. With the proper... more
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pic See Oswald Graffiti in Skeen Deathmatch Level - 4.7/10 with 15 votes
1. In the skeen dm level, there should be a window in the back of a building
2. Go into it and there will be stairs there. Go to your right and you will see a pole
3. Climb up the pole and go into the window.
4. Run through this are until you get... more
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Quake 2 Egg - 4.3/10 with 14 votes
1.In the bank level, after you have left the security room, got through the next room and kill the men in the next room.
2. When you have killed them, look on the wall. There is a photograph of a man.
3. Press USE next to it.
4. Inside are two copies... more
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