America's Army: Special Forces Easter Eggs

pic Another Yeti in Americas Army - 9.1/10 with 14 votes
1) start Americas Army (AA)
2) press the "~" to bring up the console
3) type the line "open JRTC_Farm"
4) when the map loads. go into the console again. The "~" key. Type the line "mpcheat playerlock0" now your able to move.
5) Type the line "mpcheat... more

Jail Eggs - 8.7/10 with 3 votes
This eggs shows many personal and funny objects hidden the the game America's Army:SF. For example there are many pictures of Army Squads, emblems and funny objects like a fish with a laser and toys.

To find these objects you must...
- run... more

Javalin Tent Pick - 6.5/10 with 2 votes
1. open the javalin training mission.

2. press ~ and type 'mpcheat ghost' (whitout quotes)

3. seek the tent and a suprise wil come to you:)

Giant People (Not a Yeti Egg) - 5.5/10 with 8 votes
1) Open up Americas Army: Special forces
2) Press ~ and start single player sf_village (you may have to search around for the code because i forgot it).
3) Once you arrive at the map wait a while so that the player can unlock from spawn and you will... more
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International Talks - 3.7/10 with 9 votes
In the beginning of SF where you start to train, you interview like 8 soldiers. All talk in different languages. The one who talks in Korean, and you'll have to know how to distinguish which is which (I think its the second to last one), says, in Korean,... more

pic Sharks with Lasers - 3.5/10 with 2 votes
Load the map leavenworth. If you don't how to do this then bring up the console with ~ or tab and type : Map leavenworth
now enter the the following cheat into the console: mpcheat ghost

now due right and against the wall of where you start is cell... more

Yet Another Yeti - 2.7/10 with 6 votes
First, press tilde and type "start weapons_cache_se" with no quotes. When the map loads press tilde and type "mpcheat playerlock 0" (no quotes). Next, find the elevator access by going to primary objectives, go to the bottom of the ladder, and press tilde... more
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Yeti Thief - 2.4/10 with 9 votes
1)Open up America's Army:Special Forces. 2)Now press the[~] key and a window will pop up. 3)In this window type "open sfhospital"(with no quotations)and hit enter. 4)Once you arrive at the map wait a while so... more

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