Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Easter Eggs

You Ride Like a Grandma! - 8.8/10 with 12 votes
1. Start a new career or continue an old one.
2. Choose any level.
3. When the new run starts, press start and select Retry before time runs out.
4. Repeat the last step 9 more times.
5. After you hit Retry the ninth time, a message will appear on... more

The Spinning Green Head Effect - 7.9/10 with 10 votes
This is a strange easter egg.

First you must have the Big Tires code on. If you don't know what it is, it's...

Pause the game and then hold L1. Now press Down, Circle(2), Down.

After you have Big Tires on, get a 10,000 or higher point combo.... more
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