Monkey Island 2 Easter Eggs

Lucas Arts Logo - 10.0/10 with 1 votes
When you enter Stans Previously Used Coffin Emporium on Booty Island, the egg is already visible.

Right at the edge of the screen on the right side there is a coffin with an engraving on its lid.

This engraving is the Lucas Arts Logo! As if you... more

Yep, Guybrush Is Dead Agian. - 9.6/10 with 24 votes
During the part of the game where Guybrush and Wally are hanging over a large vat of green slime at LeChuck's fortress, don't spit the candel out.

Instead wait for no more then 10 minutes and the candel will actually burn the rope causing both Guybrush... more

pic Easy Win - 4.6/10 with 51 votes
If you press the "alt+w" key combo the game'll ask if you want to win, if you answer yes the credits will appear as if you had just finished it.
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Max Appears Once Again - 4.2/10 with 20 votes
1: Go into the costume shop (You will need to do this eventually to get in at the costume party).
2: Look around.
3: Have fun.

Notes: This just shows how much Lucas Art's hold Sam And Max almost every game Max (The sardistic rabbit) appears!... more
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