Metroid: Prime Easter Eggs

Hidden Area - 7.2/10 with 8 votes
In Transport Tunnel C in the Tallon Overworld, jump up onto the first set of roots. Turn left to look at the tree, and lock your view on the gap in the ceiling just to the left of the top of the tree. You can actually very carefully space jump through... more
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Bird Hunting - 5.5/10 with 6 votes
If you want to see this egg you must go to the chozo ruins. Then go to the main plaza and look up. Then with your power beam start shooting at the birds. If you hit one it will blow up.

Reminiscent Boss Music - 3.5/10 with 2 votes
Just a little tribute to the SNES game "Super Metroid". The background music for the Meta-Ridley fight is a modified version of the background music for the Ridley fight near the beginning of the game.
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Fusion Suit and Original Metroid! - 3.4/10 with 68 votes
After Beating Metroid Fusion, Connect Your GBA To your game cube and load your Metroid Prime game. You will now be able to play in the suit Samus had in Fusion!

You Can Also Play The Original Metroid By Linking Up Fusion To Your Gamecube, choose LINK... more
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