Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Easter Eggs

pic "Ancient Machinery" - 7.4/10 with 14 votes
In the Palawan Volcano, there is an area with a lava pit and a large statue. To the right of the pit is a large gong you can crawl under. Pressing one of the walls in the small passage behind the gong will cause a stone carving of an N64 to appear above... more
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Chalk and a "Cameo" - 7.1/10 with 71 votes
If you have Indiana Jones use the chalk from your inventory, he'll draw stuff on the wall, such as R2-D2, the Lucasarts Logo, the tentacle from day of the tentacle, and others.
Another cool thing is, if you enter the cheat "Makemeapirate" after pressing... more
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Monkey Island Room - 7.0/10 with 63 votes
After killing Maduk the first time (with the mirror), go to the bottom of the room where Sophia is flying in the air. Walk through the hole in the bottom and fall down until you reach the point where you´ve started this level. Then "swim" through the... more
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Scene from Close Encounter - 7.0/10 with 52 votes
In the Bonus Level:
After loosened the stone ball from the wall with the whip, go down and walk again through the hall with the snakes, climb again the huge wall and jump to the edge where the stone ball was before.
Now push the switches to the right... more
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The Lost City of El Marrow - 6.5/10 with 22 votes
Look at the map at the beginning of the Teotihuacan level (Mexico). If you check the Yucatan Peninsula (the nobby projection south of the Gulf of Mexico) you should notice the city of El Marrow - the fictional city of the Dead where much of the Lucasarts... more
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Signature on Wood - 5.2/10 with 20 votes
In level 13 (Mine's Level) go to the hut with rail planning and climb on the roof. Turn on the light and you can see the "Tim Miller" signature.
Timothy Miller is a level designer of this game.

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