Escape Velocity Easter Eggs

Forklift Song - 9.3/10 with 32 votes
1. At The Title Screen, Hold Control, Option, Command, Shift, M, And B.
2. Continue To Hold These Keys And Click On The Escape Velocity Picture At The Top.
3. When You See Something That Says "--MB @:@@" Hold Down Control, Option, Command, Shift,... more
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Hidden Poem - 9.0/10 with 8 votes
Just simply launch Escape Velocity, and at the main screen, hold OPTION and click on the logo at the top. It will contain a little poem written by one of the employees.
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Fun Help Bubble - 7.5/10 with 10 votes
1. Turn the help bubbles ON
2. Put the arrow on Escape Velocity
3. Laugh and e-mail me

Hidden Picture - 7.3/10 with 3 votes
First you need to have ResEdit (a partial de-compiler for MacIntosh)... you should be able to get it from

Use ResEdit to open either the main file which runs it or the one that contains the graphics for the game (I forget which one sorry)... more
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The Satellite of Love! - 6.3/10 with 16 votes
1. First, watch an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
2. Now, hold down SOL while pressing the new game button
3. Look around in various shipyards
4. You will find the Satellite of Love!
5. Also, hold down option and apple at the same time... more

Fake Cheat Dialog - 3.9/10 with 9 votes
Open the main program with ResEdit. Select DITL from the list that shows up. There should be a resource named "Secret Cheat Dialog". Open it up and take a look. Here's the joke: It doesn't really do anything! It's only in there to make people think there's... more

Credit Screen - 3.4/10 with 7 votes
1. Hold down shift, option or command (different eggs with each)
2. Click "about EV"
3. A new credit screen will come up (Depending on which you held down)
4. Enjoy

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