Black Dahlia Easter Eggs

Drinking Wine - 7.8/10 with 4 votes
1) Get to the scene where Jim enters the underground wine cellar after finding (and losing) the Dahlia in the German bunker.
2) Go forward towards the steps. There's a wine rack there.
3) Shift-Left-Click on any bottle of wine in the rack.
4) Watch... more

ABC Shipping - 6.8/10 with 6 votes
In ABC's office, when clicking thru the files in the file cabinet, click the wrong file 13 times. You get a mini movie of Jim looking at you and saying "Do you have any idea what you are doing?etc."

Mini Movies - 6.7/10 with 21 votes
1. Movie 1: (anywhere)
2. Spin around quickly an any direction.
3. You'll see a short video of Jim Pearson
4. Movie 2: (Santini home)
5. Hold shift when exiting the room, after the mother has left
6. You'll see a short video of Santini's mother... more

'Are We There Yet?' - 5.3/10 with 3 votes
There's a part of the game you're travelling to Los Angeles on a train. When you reach the conductor's office, hold SHIFT and click over him to see a funny short clip.

Prank Calls - 5.2/10 with 11 votes
When you are in your room at Sunset Arms Hotel :

1.Click on the phone

2.Click on yourself

3."That's me , Jim Pearson !"


1.Click on the phone

2.Hold "SHIFT"

3.Click on yourself

4.Prank Call !

Telescope Peep - 4.3/10 with 3 votes
Near the end of the game, when you have to solve a telescope-puzzle, it is known that is possible to peep three girls at the telescope just adjusting it with the notes of Al King's notebook find in a table near the telescope.
BUT there's a way to see... more

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