Age Of Empires II Conquers Expansion Easter Eggs

Cheat Codes - 6.7/10 with 958 votes
Cheat Codes

Press [Enter] to open the chat window. Then enter one of the following codes to activate its corresponding cheat.

Cheat Codes

1,000 food - cheese steak jimmy’s
1,000 gold - robin hood
1,000... more
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Was That Place Around Then? - 4.8/10 with 13 votes
Under conquerors campaigns go to the one where you can't let three town centers get destroyed. (Tours i think) Somewhere on the wall facing your starting point is a sign that says Ensemble Studios!
(For the crazy people that don't know what that is,... more
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The Literal Sea of Worms - 4.4/10 with 9 votes
1. Start the Erik the Red scenario under Battles of the Conquerors.

2. Enter the marco cheat code.

3. You will notice in the mini-map that where the Sea of Worms is, the creators have created an actual dragon drawing using shallow water. You can't... more

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