Xteq X-Setup Easter Eggs

All Your Base Are Belong to Us! - 7.4/10 with 24 votes
1) Run Xteq X-Setup v6.2
2) Goto Help -> About...
3) Notice the blue bar on the left saying 'Do More Faster'? Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift down and RIGHT-click with the mouse anywhere in the bar.
4) Try and catch it if you can...
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Earthquake - 7.0/10 with 4 votes
Open X-Setup Pro > Classic > Help > About > on the left of the window you will see a blue image place your pinter on the image and while holding down Ctrl and Alt keys, right click on the image and let your window shake...

Zoom Zoom Car - 6.9/10 with 12 votes
Go to "help and choose "about". Notice, off to the side, the bar that says the logo and "Do more faster". If you click this once, it obviously transports you to the Xteq home page, but double clicking it will cause a little animated Text car to zoom... more

Xteq X-Setup Easter Egg - 5.1/10 with 12 votes
The Captain ([email protected]) sent this "hot" egg. Enjoy.

"To see the Xteq X-Setup 4.0/5.0 Easter Egg press F3 to bring up an undocumented menu. The OK button doesn't work, so just click the X in the upper right corner to close it. :)

Note:... more
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Thing - 5.0/10 with 23 votes
Open up X-teq X-setup by going to control panel. Go help then about.
Hold down ctrl+alt+shift and double-click on the blue bar on the left side.
Before you do that there will be scrolling letters, affter you do that there will be a little animal thing... more
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BMW :) - 4.2/10 with 19 votes
1. Go "Help -> About..."
2. In the right lower corner there is a blue window with Greetings and Credits, double-click in the field from the left of the picture (it's where "The newest information... " is written.
3. In the blue window you'll see the... more

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