Flash (Macromedia) Easter Eggs

pic Six Hidden Games for Flash Professional 8 - 8.5/10 with 38 votes
This is a cool egg. It has six games including breakout and gold rush.

open flash -> click on help -> click on about flash -> click on the "i" in macromedia -> this is a small target but when you get the right pixel just sit back ang enjoy some cool... more
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pic Flash MX Pro 2004 - 7.3/10 with 115 votes
1. Go to Help/About Flash Professional...
2. Click on the tiny 'TM' near the number 2004.
3. Enjoy.

The About screen will load with a choice of six different games... loads of fun!
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Holiday Layer Colors - 7.2/10 with 12 votes
This is a most beautifully subtle easter egg I discovered hidden in Macromedia Flash 4. First, set your windows date to October 31. Open Flash. Create a bunch of layers. Click on the little square icon to colorize your layers. Normally, you would... more
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Meet Zippy the Pinhead - 7.2/10 with 10 votes
In Flash MX, hit F1. That will bring up MX help. Our object will be flash menu built into help system (SWF saying "macromedia flash mx: contents | index | search")

Click "contents" to get a focus into it. Now click "macromedia", holding down "z" and... more

Flash 5 Game - 7.1/10 with 303 votes
1. Open Flash 5
2. Choose Help - About
3. (Double?) Click on the "M"acromedia logo before the animation stops playing.
4. Click on "Thanks"
5. Play "FlashBlox" - a Tetris clone!
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Macromedia Hidden Game - 7.0/10 with 904 votes
1. Click Help > About Flash
2. Quickly, *double* click the Macromedia logo with the two upward pointing arrows, to the right of the About Box.
3. Click the "thanks" button to the right to make th logo bounce up and down.
4. Click the "team" button... more
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Flash MX - 7.0/10 with 413 votes
Click on the Help menu and choose About.

Click the very tip of the mouse pointer just underneath the "crotch" of the X.

Note: what you are hunting for is a button only one pixel wide so it may take a number of clicks to get it.

If your screen... more
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Alien Containment Facility - 6.7/10 with 36 votes
Hi, I just sent you an easter egg I put on the Macromedia Flash 4 CD. After sending it, I remembered I had an easter egg within the easter egg. Sending you an update.

If you look at the Flash 4 CD-ROM, there is a directory called "Third Party"... more

pic Flash Professional 8 Photo Album - 5.3/10 with 25 votes
1. Open Flash Pro. 8.
2. Go to Help> About Flash Professional.
3. Now, Click exactly in the middle of the big eight on the right hand side. (It is where the middle of the eight comes together to form an eight)
4. If you have any trouble than just click... more
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Bouncing Logo - 4.7/10 with 51 votes
Go to the About Box of flash, then point your mouse on the M logo. There's a small clickable spot there that makes the logo bounce (just like in the doubleclick egg).
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Zippy the Pinhead - 4.5/10 with 25 votes
After opening Flash MX,
1. Press F1 to view Flash's help page
2. Press and hold the letters 'Z' and 'P' (case insensitive), and click the macromedia Flash MX logo in the upper left corner. It will open a new window to zippythepinhead.com : )

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