Corel Printhouse Easter Eggs

Corel Print House Credits (v5) - 6.5/10 with 19 votes
1. Open Corel Print House 2000
2. Click on Help>About
3. Double click on the large picture

Now you can see the credits. Use the hand to grab the credits and place it where you want in the picture.

Hidden Credits - 5.6/10 with 18 votes
I know for sure it works on the Italian version but it may work on others too.

1: go to help / about (in Italian: guida / informazioni su...)
2: double click on the image shown in the pop-up window
3: cursor arrow will change into a hand and credits... more
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A Blimp and Fireworks - 5.5/10 with 56 votes
1. Goto Help>About.
2. Double Click on the the Icon with the Balloon on it.
3. You got a Blimp and Fireworks, the more you click, the more fireworks. You can also move the Blimp arround with the keypad.
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Credits - 3.4/10 with 7 votes
1. Click on help>about
2. Double left click anywhere in the screen to receive a list of the credits.

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