Magic CCG Easter Eggs

Counterspell in Sage Owl - 7.4/10 with 20 votes
1. On the left wall in the art from Sage Owl, there is a circular picture.

2. The picture is actually the art from the original Counterspell.
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pic Mox Jet with Forcefield - 7.0/10 with 29 votes
1. The man in the art from Forcefield is holdin up the background of Mex Jet.
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Unglued Egg - 6.7/10 with 34 votes
on the bottom of each card in the spoof set unglued, there are a couple of words. my friend and i pieced them together and it said something like this: "here are some cards that didn't make it into unglued..." and then a list of card names, including... more
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pic Urza and Mishra Together - 6.7/10 with 22 votes
1. Put Urza, from Vanguard next to Mishra, also from Vanguard.

2. The art will make one whole picture.
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Sol Grail Gorilla - 6.1/10 with 19 votes
1. Sol Grail is from Alliances, a set full of Gorillas (Gargantuan Gorillas, Gorilla Beserkers, Gorilla Chieftan, Gorilla Shaman, and Gorilla War Cry. Also, Guerrilla Tactics may be a joke on Gorillas, because "Guerrilla" sounds like "Gorilla".

2.... more
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pic Surfer - 6.0/10 with 22 votes
Look closely on the card, in the center of the artwork, there is a dude surfing on the molten wave.
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pic Urza's Autographed Bauble - 5.5/10 with 13 votes
1. If you tilt Urza's Bauble 90% to the right, you will see "URZA" on the thing in the middle of the picture.

pic Genisis Chamber's Hidden Message - 3.3/10 with 6 votes
1. Aquire a copy of Genisis Chamber, an uncommon from darksteel.
2. Then take the magnifying glass and look closely on the side of the large tower that the myr is being shot from.
3. You should see in weird writing the phrase "Combo with Skullclamp"
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