Mean Streets Easter Eggs

Martin Twice - 8.7/10 with 9 votes
Director Martin Scorsese appears twice in cameo in this early film. In the opening title sequence we see a montage of home movies. In one scene with Harvey Keitel, we see him briefly right beside our hero. The second cameo is more obvious, Charlie... more

A Friend in Need - 7.1/10 with 9 votes
Charlie must run and save Johnny-boy from himself. Hell raising Johnny-boy has raised the ire of the neighborhood bookie.
He argues with his girlfriend Teresa who falls to the floor of the apartment hallway located in Little Italy in NYC.
She has... more

It's the Woodman! - 6.9/10 with 62 votes
After Johnny Boy and Charlie pick up the two gay guys, look carefully at the extras on the sidewalk. After the obnoxious guy leans out the window to yell at someone on the sidewalk, it cuts to a reaction shot from the car's POV. Walking along the sidewalk... more

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