Being John Malkovich Easter Eggs

Elevator Names - 4.9/10 with 79 votes
Near the beginning, when Craig first goes to the LesterCorp's building, he looks at the list of names by the elevator. Down the list is Eric Zumbrunnen, who edited the film, and has worked with director Spike Jonze in several music videos.

Gary Sinise - 4.2/10 with 73 votes
Towards the end of the movie when the aging John invites Charlie to come with him, he mentions how Charlie's wife & others can come, too, "Maybe even Gary Sinise." Sinise was the prime mover behind the Steppenwolf Theater Company, which Malkovich also... more
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43 - 1.6/10 with 212 votes
In the film, if you notice that John Malkovich lives in apartment #43. This is not by accident. This number 43 is much a skateboard/BMX related phenomenon. The thing is that it seems to come up all the time just (if you're looking) like if you own... more
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