Batman Forever Easter Eggs

Catwoman Reference - 6.3/10 with 3 votes
When Chase turns on the Bat-Signal to have a chat with Batman, she says "or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip.

Robin and Nightwing - 5.3/10 with 6 votes
After Two-Face goes to Riddlers party and Batman shows up, Robin helps him for the first time. After that, their at the Batcave and Robin talks to Batman About a name, one name he suggest is "Nightwing", which is Robins name in the DC comics future.

Crisscross Puzzle Company - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
While watching the movie, at a point in the film, they show a sign for the CrissCross Puzzle Company. This was the media of delivery for the Riddler's first clue in the 1940's Detective Comics.

Burton Reference - 4.6/10 with 98 votes
At the end of the movie, Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) goes to visit the Riddler (played by Jim Carrey) (the Riddler) in Arkham Asylum. She is guided to the cell by a man known as Dr. Burton, who has a long, weird face, and wild dark hair.

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