The Sims 3 Easter Eggs

Family Guy Reference - 10.0/10 with 1 votes
If you WooHoo in the game, your men might say "giggity", which is a reference to Quagmire on Family Guy.

You may be able to hear that with other interactions.

Alien - 10.0/10 with 1 votes
1. Go to the plumbob picture backlot.

2. Wait until it's the sci-fi setting on the side.

3. Look in the jar.

Look familiar? It is a baby alien, with the head of the aliens from the Sims 2 box art. Looks like the aliens came back for it.

Hidden Servo - 8.0/10 with 1 votes
1. Go to the LAndgraab Science Facility and go into the edit mode.
2. After that press TAB and have a nice ride throught the main entrance.
3. Right ahead there should be a big statue of a Servo..

Heads up: For those who don't know what it is; Servo... more
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