Fallout 3 Easter Eggs

Vault Magnetic - 10.0/10 with 1 votes
This absolutely has to be one of my most favorite eggs I've EVER come across, the kind that gives you more than a chuckle. It actually gave me a bit of a shock - that realization feeling.

The story I gathered about Vault 92 was that it was to preserve... more

Numerous Eggs - 9.0/10 with 1 votes
This is actually a couple of eggs I've noted as I've played through this amazing game.

The first one I can think of is the code to Republic of Dave's safe (1138) - there is no chance this isn't a direct reference to Lucas' pre-Star Wars film THX-1138.... more

Dirty Harry - 8.7/10 with 3 votes
It can be found in a hard safe within the ruins of the Citadel if you choose to destroy it while onboard the Enclave Mobile Base Crawler during the Who Dares Wins quest. Enter the ruins and find the door that leads to the Armory. The magnum is inside.... more

pic Crashed U.F.O. - 8.3/10 with 11 votes
In the northern/middle part of the map there is a U.F.O. that has crashed. It is directly north of Minefield. When you are near the U.F.O. you will pick up a signal called the "Recon Craft Theta Beacon." Follow this noise until you see a U.F.O. crashed... more
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Jack the Ripper Refernce - 8.0/10 with 1 votes
There is a unique version of the ripper weapon the programmers named the weapon Jack and obvious jack the ripper reference

Jack can be found inside the Deathclaw Sanctuary on an Enclave Officer. The officer spawns alive, but unless you cleared out... more

Movie Reference - Them! - 8.0/10 with 1 votes
The sidequest Those! is a reference to the cult b-movie from the 50's called Them!, which was about giant ant created after atomic bomb testing. This fits in with the Fallout theme, of a 50's styled post-war wasteland. The quest itself is about fire breathing... more
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Snatcher References - 8.0/10 with 1 votes
I love this egg, as I am a huge Kojima fan, and Snatcher is quite possibly my all-time favorite game.

First of, you can find Gibson's dead body. His head is twisted of and in between his legs, just like in snatcher. He's located at the L'Enfant South... more

Always Some Star Trek in Fallout - 7.8/10 with 4 votes
Fallout 3 wouldn't be a proper Fallout without the occasional Star Trek reference, now would it? This is the first one I noticed:

Go to the Nuka Cola factory and talk to Milo the shipping foreman. Ask him about the shipping manifest and he will give... more
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Fear Factory's Archetype - 7.3/10 with 7 votes
In the museum in one of the wall computers, you can view the files and the file at the top contains info on a project called Archetype and talks about a virus it has. They fixed it and at the end of the text it unnecessarily says "the infection has been... more

Bad Bears - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
This egg can be found in the Sewer Way station that is almost directly below the Super Duper Mart and up and to the left of Grayditch. As you enter the building, you will notice what appears to be a factory that produces teddy bears. On the conveyor... more
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Abraham Lincoln Shrine - 6.3/10 with 3 votes
If you travel to arlington house, the one with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L bobblehead in,go down the stairs into the cellar. You will find a mannequin that looks like a ghost. Walk past it into a bright light and you will find a big picture of Abraham Lincoln with... more
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Die Hard - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
During the quest "those!" when Bryan Wilks is hiding in the shelter, one of the phrases he will say is
"Now I know what a TV dinner feels like," which is a line from the movie Die Hard

pic Relic Hunter - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
In the Stealing Independence quest, when you get into the Rotunda at the National Archives, you meet a relic hunter named Sydney. "Relic Hunter" was a TV series starring Tia Carrere, who's character's name was Sydney!

Free Items - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Go to big town in like northeast of arefu. Complete the big trouble in big town mission (also an easter egg of big trouble in little china), then look for Bittercup. Talk to her and after awhile she will say, "Are you in a relationship?" Thats when you... more
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The Ruins - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
If you go east at the beginning of the game instead of west to Megaton after you get out of Vault 101, you will find a town named Springvale. If you countinue to go east and follow the bridge, you will find a place with raiders called Bethesda Ruins.... more

Really??? - 3.0/10 with 18 votes
This egg is a well hidden and humorous one to say the least. In Arlington Cemetary there is a preservation shelter hidden near the north end. If you fast travel to "Arlington Cemetary North" look directly to your the Southeast direction. It is occupied... more

Hula Dancer Statue - 1.6/10 with 20 votes
Go to the Republic of Dave museum/school. Move the hot-plate off of the shelf. You will see a hula figure where the hot-plate was. Unfortunately you can't pick it up.
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