Final Fantasy III Easter Eggs

Secret Job: Onion Swordsman - 9.5/10 with 2 votes
Back in the original Famicom FFIII, Onion Swordsman was the first job you start as (unlike Freelance from the DS version), but you can play this job in the Nintendo DS version as well by unlocking it. Onion Swordsman is one of the most powerful jobs with... more

How to Obtain Access to Secret Dungeon - 7.7/10 with 3 votes
In the Nintendo DS version of FFIII, there is a secret dungeon that contains a secret boss harder than the last boss, in order to obtain access:

1)Send a total 7 mails to another PC (one or multiple) using Mog Net.
2)Send 4 mails using Mog Net to... more

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