Manhunt 2 Easter Eggs

pic Return of the Wabbit - 9.0/10 with 5 votes
Those that have played through both titles will likely catch this one.

In the level in which you're thrown into the television studio you'll be fighting skinhead rednecks through various show productions stages before ultimately ending up outside.... more
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Worldwide - 8.0/10 with 2 votes
in the level assanation at the very beginning if you take out your sniper and look out the window, you can see a hotel called "The Majestic".
the same hotel you can enter in Grand Theft Auto 4.

you can also see it later through the level many times... more

Car from Gta San Andreas, Vice City Etc... - 6.3/10 with 3 votes
in the mission "Sexual Deviants" when Daniel and Leo are sneaking to the car and hiding behind it, notice the car is the voodoo(hydraulics car) from the Grand Theft Auto games

Grand Theft Auto Reference - 5.7/10 with 3 votes
In the chapter "Red Light", there are 2 enemies in the very beginning. Let them see you, and run away from them. If you hide in the shadows near them, you can hear one say something about you running to San Andreas, a reference to Rockstar's other game,... more
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