X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter Easter Eggs

They Killed Kenny! - 7.9/10 with 31 votes
1.Enter a tournement mode (with many rounds)

2.In every round destroy the communication satilite

3. In the last round when you have destroyed it you should recieve a message which reads "Oh my god they killed Kenny"

P.S I think it is tournament... more

Galactic Pizza and the Mighty Tug - 7.0/10 with 75 votes
Choose single player,imperial training missions.
Fly the 2 player cooperative training mission called "Warhead Interception".
Once you completed it (not very easy! I recommend "easy" setting...), you will receive the message: "Quite a challenge, wasn't... more
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Map Special Thanks - 4.7/10 with 6 votes
In any game, go to the map view (after completing the mission)highlight hte help area by turning it off and then on and hit the home, pgup, pgdn, insert, end, and delete keys to bring up thank you screens from some of the programmers.

Credits on the Eject Button - 4.5/10 with 31 votes
1) You need to get hit a whole lot by something so that the eject light starts to blink and you hear the eject sound.

2) Then fly around and make sure you stay alive and you don't eject.

3) After a while, the names of some of the programers will... more
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