Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? CD ROM Easter Eggs

Kathie Lee Gets It Easy, so Can You - 7.0/10 with 156 votes
In the game when Regis asks for your name, don't type anything. He will bug you about it saying that you dont know your name and things....but then he says, fine, ive got a name for you...then he types Kathie Lee. You will then not be able to press enter... more
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Charlatan! - 4.3/10 with 43 votes

When asked for your name, enter "Regis Philbin" without the quotes. Regis' voice will yell at you, saying "That's MY name!" He will then erase yours, and put in "Charlatan" instead.

Pretty funny.

DJ Pat
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Cody - 4.0/10 with 20 votes
This egg is similar to Charlatan but sometimes Regis will say different things and will change your name to Cody. I believe this is a reference to Kathie Lee's 10 year old son. Also, he will sometimes make your name something insulting like "Fraud."
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