Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Easter Eggs

Good Old Car Maker - 5.0/10 with 7 votes
First go to atlanta. now go to the 2 large white squares on the map. go to the southern corner of the most southern one. there is a curvy road there, at the end of it there is a shop called 'Big James Old South' . this might be a referance to James Graham,... more

Cloths to Supervise You - 3.4/10 with 5 votes
go to the WESTERN most part of atlanta, go to the shops accross the street from the dirty bar, look at the name on the nearest shop, its the name of a QA Supervisor

He Sells Effects and Kettles - 1.7/10 with 3 votes
go to the WESTERN most part of the map in atlanta and look at the big name on the curvy wall, its the name of the visual effects bloke.

R.I.P Producer - 1.6/10 with 5 votes
First, go to atlanta. Now thats the hard part done, go to the cemetry in the south EAST! <the large white patch on the map>
look on on of the smaller<flatter> gravestones. youll see a name, im not sayin whos, but its the senior producer.

He Gives Us a City, He Gives Us Food - 1.4/10 with 5 votes
go to the large white squares on the atlanta map. on the NORTH side of the SOUTHERN most one, there is a cafe called Jiangs. this is a reference to Hank Jiang, a 3D city artist

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