WWF Easter Egg - WWF Versus WCW

During the 'Beauty Pagent' WWF Comercial where two the contestents in a buety pagent start to fight and wrestle each other. If you notice, or look closely then you will see that the winner of the pagents sash reads "Connecticut" and the losers says "Atlanta". This is refering to the fact the WWF's Headquorters is located in Connecticut and WCW's HQ is in Atlanta. The two are big rivel companies.

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Contributed By: Jonathan Lang on 04-08-2000
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Robinzio writes:
No, the rivaly was real. WCW was owned by Ted Turner, the WWF by Vincent K. McMahon. For years they battled over TV ratings. This battle was called "The Monday Night Wars", which ended when WCW lost so much money that Ted decided to call it a day and sell WCW. Who bought it? That's right, Vincent K. McMahon. So "Conneticut" did beat "Atlanta" when the WWF beat WCW.
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Wolverine68 writes:
The reason Turner sold wasn't about a loss of money, it was about not being content with being 2nd place. The WCW held good ratings over the so called ratings war." Anyway, WCW did not lose, they sold out, the fans lost.
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Ted Turner didn't sell WCW; Time-Warner sold it. Turner was almost out of power when Murdoch and his people cancelled Nitro on TNT and decided to sell WCW. I'm sure they weren't happy with WCW losing how many millions every year?
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That's 100% false. Middleeasternfilms is correct. Ted Turner had been all but moved out of his empire after the merger with Time Warner and AOL. WCW had been losing millions, and Turner was the only thing keeping it on the air. When Turner was no longer in the position to make that call, Time Warner/AOL put WCW up for sale. Eric Bischoff planned to purchase WCW, but backed out when the shows were cancelled from TNT and TBS. Without television, WCW was no longer worth much beyond its tape library. That's why Vince McMahon was able to purchase it so cheaply. Ted Turner never gave up on WCW. Ted Turner was the reason WCW existed and the reason it prospered, because he sunk millions into it when a lot of other networks would not have. When Ted was no longer in power, it was sold and cancelled without his consent. He was not pleased with the decision either.
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