Animal House Easter Egg - Another Writer's Cameo (Yawn)

In "Animal House" the guy who leads parade down the alley is Stork. His only line in movie was,
"Well what the hell are we supposed to do you moron?"
He wrote the screen play. He later wrote "Caddy Shack".

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indigoboy writes:
I'm not sure where the information comes from about the events in Animal House being based on Princeton. My information is that it is actually based on events based at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, and specifically a residence called Whidden Hall. Ivan Reitman - one of the producers of Animal House - went to Mac when it went through what was called "The Whidden Riots". The residence at that point was an all-men's residence and was known for being wild and out of hand and there was a time when the dean of the university threatened to make it co-ed to "tame" the problems. The film is supposedly an exploration of what might have happened if the men had fought back. In reality, it DID become a co-ed residence. And here's the specific "egg". The floors in Whidden Hall were all given names. The worst offending floor was the 5th floor. They kept hauling desks out of windows and things of that nature. That floor was the "Animals". Hence, Animal House.
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Fisheggs writes:
Actually, Doug Kenney accidentally fell off a mountain while hiking in Hawaii, falling to his death. It was not a suicide. He was a prolific and brilliant contributor to National Lampoon magazine, as was Chris Miller who played "Hardbar" (because he masturbated all the time) in Animal House.
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Doc writes:
Stork was played by Doug Kenney, the editor of National Lampoon magazine. He was very talented, but troubled, and eventually committed suicide.
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Shorty writes:
Chris Miller played Hardbar. Hardbar's only line is "We need the dues!" The stories in "Animal House" are based on his fraternity experiences at Dartmouth, not Princeton.
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Charles writes:
Actually, the Stork does talk in one other scene (in the background) near the very beginning of the movie. Inside the Delta House, he walks through the room explaining that "I had her down to her underwear and had a major boner" or something similar.
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lalage writes:
I went to McMaster in the late 90's and I lived in Whidden Hall. All the traditions you saw in the movie (ie toga party, robed for initiation games/rituals) have been a part of Whiddens history since it opened. I think it went co-ed in the early 1980's, but it was an all male dorm, and it was a huge party house (still is, but has been forced to calm a bit since the homecoming-toilet papering issue of 1998). In a party scene, there is "MAC" spray painted across one of the the walls. Whidden Hall is the original Animal House. Whidden Whidden Whidden!!! Bash! Bash! Bash!
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Cedric writes:
Doug Kenney contributed to the Animal House screenplay, but it was based on the experiences of co-author Chris Miller at Princeton. Miller is a minor character in the film too, like Kenney/Stork. Can't remember Miller's character name, but he's a cool, smooth, self-assured dude who smokes a pipe -- way out of time for the year and for most of the rest of the Deltas. (The "Faber College" campus was actually located in Eugene, Oregon, but during the Deltas' trial we see a Tennessee state flag on the stage.)
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