Freespace 2 Easter Egg - The Volition Bravos, and More

To get the Volition Bravos: in mission type "arrrrwalktheplank" and see a real pirate galleon drop out of subspace!

The Vasudan Hall Fishtank: at the Vasudan Main Hall (players will know what I'm talking about) type "vasudanswuvfishes" and a couple fish start swimming across the screen.

In-mission Cheats: type "" then hold "~" and use the following:
I: gets invincibility
Shift-I: Target is invincible
W: unlimited ammo for yourself
Shift-W: unlimited ammo for EVERYONE
K: Kills target (be extremely careful!!)
Alt-K: 10% damage to yourself

Using these prevents you from making progress in any campaigns, UNLESS:

Start a mission and activate unlimited ammo as described above. The effect lasts throughout the game session, AT NO PENALTY TO YOURSELF!!

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Contributed By: Bushwacker on 04-04-2000
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Special Requirements: just the basics
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Fred writes:
Here are some cheats not listed already: After typing "" in the mission, PRESS AND HOLD "~" WHILE typing the following keys to get the following: C collisions on/off Shift + C toggles countermeasures on all ships Shift + K destroys targeted subsystem Alt + Shift + K 10% damage to target 9 cycle forwards through all secondary weapons* Shift + 9 cycle backwards through all secondary weapons* 0 cycle forwards through all primary weapons* Shift + 0 cycle backwards through all primary weapons* *these include Terran, Vesudan, and Shivan weapons, including the Shivan Super Laser, Shivan Megafunk Turret, Unknown Megabomb, flak, etc. Also, type the following to get: Code Where What tooledworkedowned in mission Jim Boone or Alan Lawrance pop into the screen. this can get annoying sometimes. humanheadsinside at Player Select in eww! Vasudan Main Hall You can see the Volition pirate ship and Jim Boone or Alan Lawrance at or
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Michael writes:
I first noticed the Volition Bravos in FRED while I was making a mission but didn't think to much of it until I saw this. Also, the people on the ship have pictures of (presumably) the programmers for faces.
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Fred writes:
the Volition Bravos is invincible and will fight for your side, unless you continuously shoot at it (then you have to watch your back). It has people holding guns as laser turrets and its side cannons (the ones you would usually find on an old pirate ship) are flak turrets. also, there are a lot more cheats!
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Fred writes:
sometimes you CANNOT pass a mission if you do unlimited weapon count (unlimited ammo).
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Bushwacker writes:
I wasn't clear making the unlimited ammo cheat for the entire game. 1st: Activate unlimited ammo as normal. 2nd: Restart the mission. 3rd: The unlimited ammo cheat works for the entire game session--and no penalty to you during the main campaign. Also: If you want to edit ship/weapon stats, or even add your own, get resources at "". There you'll find new ship models, mod packs, and links to the freeware that lets you open up the game's data tables; and the plus side is that other players and even the game's developers will sometimes provide aid at Volition's bulletin board (
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delt writes:
The game crashed after calling in about 50 or 60 pirate ships with the "arrrwalktheplank" code!!!
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