Easton Ellis, Brett Easter Egg - Return of the American Psycho

If you are familiar with the work of Brett Easton Ellis, you will be pleased to know that the American Psycho himself reappears very briefly in the new book Glamorama. The main character of Glamorama is in a bar when he spots Patrick Bateman in the room. He says that Bateman has a strange stain on his cuff and an even stranger look in his eyes. That is all.

There is also a character in Glamorama who we are constantly told, looks exactly like the actor Christian Bale. Funnily enough, Christian Bale plays the part of Patrick Bateman in the film version of American Psycho!

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nannin writes:
I apologize, but that Bateman spotting is nothing spectacular, all through each of his books there are mentions of characters from the others...for example Sean from Rules of Attraction is Patrick's little brother and Patrick himself writes a few paragraphs. Lauren Hynde and Victor from Glamorama also play quite large parts in Rules of attraction. In Less than Zero, Rules of attraction and American Psycho, there are mentions of a girl called Vanden who went/goes to Camden. Bret Easton Ellis said (I paraphrase) He reuses characters because he gets to know them and is reluctant to leave them behind... I didn't realize the Christian Bale connection until just now...that's hilarious.
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Keith writes:
also, the main character from Less Than Zero, Clay, shows up in Rules of Attraction. Ellis has a constant thread of shared/linked characters through all his books.
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Sebastian writes:
In Rules of Attraction, someone remarks, at a campus party, that almost everyone was there, except a strange group of Greek students who were probably off murdering a farmer. This was used as the basis for the book "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt, who is (I think) Bret Easton Ellis's girlfriend.
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neutrino writes:
Donna Tartt was a classmate of Ellis' and he reviewed drafts for her as she was writing The Secret History. She is not his girlfriend. Brett Easton Ellis is openly gay.
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TheKtulu7 writes:
I've only read The Rules of Attraction and American Psycho, so I'm not some expert, but Paul Denton from The Rules of Attraction makes a cameo appearance in American Psycho.
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Johanna writes:
Most of Bret Easton-Ellis'books are self-referential, the characters appear in each, consequences in one affect another. I don't know if Rules of Attraction came before American Psycho (although i think it did), anyway i noticed that both Sean Bateman and Lauren, and Patrick Bateman and Evelyn go out for dinner(on seperate occiasons and in seperate books) with a tweedy couple that are family friends. I can't remeber their names. In both the tweedy couple (who adopted the oriental kid) wear the same clothes and say almost exactly the same things in both books. This is weird. Perhaps to signify how boring and predictable married couples become? Well compared to a serial killing yuppie and a college drug dealer?.
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I think that it's funny that no one has mentioned this scence yet. In Less than Zero when Clay leaves Blair's house he descibes how she is petting a black cat, (i believe that it's a stuffed animal) and there is also a scene like it in American Psycho and I belive one in Glamorama as well. There may even be one in Rules of Attraction. Also for those that have seen the movie versions, in Less than Zero and Rules of attraction, they both have a scene where a girl gets a bloody nose and then says "rusty pipes."
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