Fantasia 2000 Easter Egg - Hidden Mickey (and Minnie)

During the Donald Duck/Noah's Ark segment of Fantasia 2000, sometime after the flood has started, there is a far away, shilouette view of the ark, with some animals visible on top...if you look close, you will see Noah chose two very famous mice to take on the ark...Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

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Contributed By: Teddy Ray on 03-20-2000
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Wonderman writes:
Where exactly?
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dcichick writes:
It's at the very end of the scene when the animals are getting off the ark. they're just coming off the plank, and you only really see the back of them.
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I find it odd that Ha claims that Mickey and Minnie are supposed to be the two mice aboard the Ark. It's odd because there is a semi-brief part where Daisy makes a big deal out of snatching two mice (not Mickey or Minnie) out from under the foot of an elephant. This proves that the appearance of Mickey and Minnie is an egg.
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Ha writes:
According to certain belifes...Noah's ark would contain two of every animal...sooooo that means that having tem there is perfecally fine concidering they are mice and there are two of them. Good catch though. I am not denouncing it...just giving another side to it.
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Waffle writes:
More than two animals where needed. Certain animals where carnivores, and further more, how could Noah and his family live for 40 days ((40 being a symbolic number, probably more than 40 actual days all said and done)) with out a big mac? It was very possible that more than two animals of each type made it aboard I'm not saying this is the case for all of the animals, but more than two animals of many types where aboard. I believe there where 8 humans on the Ark (Noah his wife, 3 sons, their wives) so more than two animals could have been on the Ark. I have the video, but have not seen this egg. Much has been written about "Hidden Mickeys" so In all likelihood I think this to be a legit egg.
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