King's Quest VII- Mask of Eternity Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

Want to see our beloved hero Connor in his birthday suit (he's naked except for a mask covering his front)? There are two ways:

1. Hold in Ctrl+Shift+7 and then type in give birthday suit.

And for you more challanged people:

2. Go in front of Connor's house. Use a Clarity potion (or cheat and hold Ctrl+Shift+7 and type in give clarity then the number of potions you want), and look around. You will see a red object in one of the trees. You need to jump to get it or shoot it down with your crossbow. It is very difficult to get it, but it's well worth it.

Also for some other fun Cheats
Again hold Ctrl+Shift+7 and type in any of these:
welch-piel (Check Connor's house after this one).

Want something even more challening?
Go to the right of Sarah's house (either that or it's after the Church). There will be part of the mountain you can climb on. Don't jump off the cliff, instead face the mountain and try to climb it. There are specific area's that you can climb to get up. Once you are at the top, look around. There is a wedding picture of one of the Staff. It's really hard, but it's worth it.

Feel free to e-mail me for any codes.

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Contributed By: Rainfire on 03-10-2000
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Special Requirements: Kings Quest: Mask of Eternity
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Adam writes:
I just want to let you know that the title of your eegg, "Kings Quest VII, Mask of Eternity" is wrong. Kings Quest VII is "THe Princless Bride", and VIII is Mask of Eternity.
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Rainfire writes:
Yeah, I know that it is Kings Quest VIII, but I wasn't the one who created the category! :).
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Meta Essence writes:
Not to disappoint KQ7 fans, I have come up with a list of easter eggs for it. 1. In chapter 4, talk to the rat in Dr. Cadaver's house. 2. In chapter 3, without talking to Fernando, try to take treasure (the bird) from her cage three times. 3. In chapter 4, once Rosella has put the cloak on, wait for the boogeyman to appear. 4. In chapter 4, try to trade the extra life or the scarab (troll king) to the kangaroo rat in the desert. 5. In chapter 2, click on the oven in the kitchen. 6. In chapter 2, ride the cart before fixing it. 7. In chapters 4-5, walk over the raised grave in the cemetary. It is the one east of the deadfall (pile of bones). 8. In chapter 6, zap the dog with the device at the end. Well, I hope I satisfied your needs.
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