Seven Days Easter Egg - Star Trek Console

When Joseph Vukavitch enters the Russian time machine together with John Ballard (the scientist in the wheelchair) and Nate Ramsey (head of security ) - take a closer look at the console in front of the Russian reactor that powers the time mashine.
Also take a look at the general layout of the entire set, including the rear compartment with the weapons storage drawers. Remind you of a Star Trek Shuttlecraft? It should. This whole set was borrowed from next door, and mildly redecorated.

Now there are three possibilities for that Star Trek console you just saw:
1. Joseph was more then the mentioned 30 years in the future :)
2. They borrowed it from the Star Trek set next door (Seven Days is also produced by Paramount Picture)
3. It's an easter egg <- I think it's this one


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Contributed By: Bjoern Vetter on 03-02-2000
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Special Requirements: Eyes and a copy of the episode "as time goes by"
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It is not an easter egg. The reason for this is that rather than design a new console, they opted to simply use a Star Trek one.
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StarTrekkin writes:
I don't remember seeing a Star Trek console in that episode. I can't believe I missed it! LCARS is a very noticable program. By the way, if the man was only 30 years in the future, he would not have a Star Trek console. Star Trek series all take place at LEAST a hundred years from now. Some take place during the 24th century. Thirty years ahead of our time wouldn't have brought an LCARS console--I'm thinking it was just some lazy people who didn't want to build a new one ;)
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KNARF writes:
Another star trek reference when frank was split in half he walks in front of a theatre that is playing a star trek movie if you remember kirk was split in two one good and one bad.
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