Clerks Easter Egg - His Sister!

Pop in Clerks and go to the part were the guidance counsilor is playing with the eggs. The woman that comes to the counter and says the thing about having a meaningful job and says she manually mast****ts caged animals for artificial insemination. That women is actually Kevin Smith's sister.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-20-2000
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Special Requirements: Clerks movie
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Just a question really is the guy sorting the through the eggs before Kevin's sister comes in the guy that wrote and directed the b movie Bad Taste. He appears in the film a few more times under different guises and he really does look like the same guy he played Derek in Bad Taste someone please help me
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Phreak writes:
Peter Jackson. Bad Taste is the greatest movie ever
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Jay writes:
To Jay Leonard: Nice observation, but that is not Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson wrote and directed Bad Taste, Braindead (aka Dead Alive), Frighteners and most recently The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy ... He is a New Zealand director and makes cameos in most of his movies (he starred in Bad Taste). As far as I know, Peter Jackson has never met Kevin Smith (Clerks director) - but even so, the egg guy in Clerks is NOT Peter Jackson from Bad Taste. By the time Clerks was made, Peter Jackson looked WAY different to his Bad Taste days. Yes - he could've dressed up or something - but it definately wasn't him in Clerks.
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MaxxLarge writes:
The actor who plays the guidance counselor in "Clerks" is a friend of Kevin Smith's named Walt Flanagan. In the same film, he also appears at the Offended Customer (who runs from the store when Randal shows him a pornographic magazine), a hockey player, and a funeral guest. Kevin Smith has called Walt the "Lon Chaney of the '90's" for his wide variety of characterizations. In fact, Walt appears somewhere in EVERY Kevin Smith movie, usually in several roles. Smith has said that Walt is also the basis for Jason Lee's "Brodie" character in Mallrats.
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