Rogue Spear Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

This is a list of things I found that you can do
in the game simply by entering the game and while in the game hitting enter and typing the items in
brackets.. Simple yet fun some are very funny like the farting. Any whoo have fun..
2D players turnpunchkick
Avatar god mode (avatargod)
Big head mode (bignoggin)
Clodhopper mode (clodhopper)
Debug keys activated (debugkeys)
Disable AI (nobrainer)
Fart mode (silentbutdeadly or fastactionresponseteam)
Heavy breathing (1-900)
Invisible mode (theshadowknows)
AI alertness colors (alertnessstatecolors)
Map draw AI aware colors (awarenessstatecolors)
Map draw AI behavior colors (behaviorcolors)
AI combat state colors (combatstatecolors)
Map draw AI normal colors (normalcolors)
Map draw AI panicked colors (panickedcolors)
Map draw AI plan colors (aiplancolors)
AI psycological state colors (psychstatecolors)
Map draw AI ROE colors (roestatecolors)
Map draw AI ROE speed colors (roespeedcolors)
AI threat awareness color (threatawarenesscolor)
Map draw cover points (coverpoints)
Map draw level maps (levelmaps)
Map draw object walls (objectwalls)
Map draw obstacle walls (obstaclewalls)
Map draw path point links (pathpointlinks)
Map draw path points (pathpoints)
Map draw plan (drawplan)
Map draw test (plan testplan)
Mega head mode (meganoggin)
Monocle mode (monocle)
Refill inventory (5fingerdiscount)
Stumpy mode (stumpy)
Suicide (death)
Team god mode (teamgod)
Team invisible mode (teamshadow)
Victory conditions (explore)
Not known (wounddeath)

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Contributed By: Skronky on 02-15-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Rogue Spear
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Matt writes:
I think wounddeath may make wounds you give/receive kill instead of just wound. I am not sure, it's just a guess
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Jeff T writes:
I'mm 100% sure that woundkill kills badies with a wounding shot.
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Big D writes:
If you type in silentbutdeadly it kills everyone on your team except you.
2 of 2 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
wert writes:
Are you able somehow to use the invisible mode when you're playing cooperatively??
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