Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin) Easter Egg - Led Zepp

Inside cover of album; from bottom, center, go up 4 inches, three rocks together form "LED"... Then from the inside fold, center, down 4 inches, right 2 inches four rocks together form "ZEPP"....

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Contributed By: Rocky Stoneafeller on 02-13-2000
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Special Requirements: LED ZEPPELIN IV LP
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PatBert writes:
Sorry, I just don't see it. The measurments are nice, but all I have is the CD from the Complete Studio Recordings and a HUGE poster on my wall, over 5 feet high. I assume you're talking about the LP? Can anybody find it on the CD and tell us youngsters where it is? Thanks!
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I am pretty sure the picture was only used as a representation of the legend of the Pied Piper which links to the messages and meaning of Stairway to Heaven (assuming you don't believe all the back-masked vocal stuff) . and in a question for Pat Bert , where did you get the poster?
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I'm sorry but I just don't see the LED ZEPP and I think the demon reflection is pretty poor as well. I submitted an egg about the "here's to my sweet Satan" back-tracking but they didn't publish it for some stupid reason. Maybe all this demon stuff is just a coincidence? Who knows?
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HermitIX writes:
The picture on the inside cover refers to the Tarot. It represents The Hermit, the seeker of knowledge.
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mick writes:
When Zepp IV was first sold in vinyl, there was a white paper band running horizontally around the LP. This band had to be carefully slipped off before you could open the LP, and contained a series of runes (I think runes of the Eldar Futhark origin?) I wish I still had the original LP as I now have the knowledge to perhaps interpret the inscription. The four symbols were selected by each of the band members, the three pointed symbol with the circle through it is known as a Triquetra, and is Celtic in origin, one point for each of the elements earth, wind and fire. Being pagan, then the Celts were Christianized, this symbol was adopted by the church to represent the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I also read years ago that the three circles symbol selected by John Bonham was the symbol for Ballantine Beer in America at one time..... When the album was released, record company executives were adamant that Led Zepp was committing professional suicide as the LP nowhere had the bands name printed on the jacket, label or inner album liner. If you have the LP, you will notice that the band was insistent upon the album selling on the merits of the music, as even the catalogue number on the spine of the album cover has no mention of Zeppelin, which album numbers used to do commonly.
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