Ultima VII Easter Egg - Find the Kilrathi Ship

Go to the Blue Boar Inn in Britain. There you will meet a farmer who claims he has contacted "Creatures from the stars" or some such thing, and calls them "lion-tigers, or tiger-lions." He says they are coming to conquer us. He then tells you that the proof is in the north of his field, where one of their vessels has landed. Sure enough, in a field to the East of Britain, is a Kilrathi ship, straight from Wing Commander. When you approach, the WC music starts playing. A plug for another Origin game, and an amusing one.

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Contributed By: 3Suns on 01-22-2000
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Dragonryder writes:
Actually, what this is really implying (From the issue of PC Gamer that included Ultima I and Ultima Underworld for free) is that the Kilrathi are present in the Ultima universe, and one of them crash-landed on the surface. Lord British also stated in that issue of PC Gamer that the TIE-Fighter ships you destroy in Ultima I are really Kilrathi ships.
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Actually that ship happens to be Prince Trakath's personal fighter (the one with two particle cannons, a speed of 500kps+ and 5 IR missiles). *SPOILER ALERT* you see it in the very last stage of Wing Commander 2.
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AvaPoet writes:
The Kilrathi reference is continued when in Ultima Underworld II the Avatar is asked by an intelligent, telepathic large cat called a Trilkhai to "find information on it's race's history". It later turns out that the Trilkhai used to "fly between the stars and throw fire at humans"... Kilrathi is an anagram of Trilkhai.
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