Once Upon A Time Easter Egg - Lost Easter Eggs in Once Upon a Time

The producers of the TV show LOST are also responsible for this show, and have slipped MANY easter eggs for fans of LOST to find. There are so many that I will only be able to list a few of the better ones:
Episode 1 The Pilot -
1. The town's clock was stuck at 8:15 in reference to Oceanic Flight 815.
2. In Emma's VW (which is the same model and color as the one driven by John Locke) there is a Geronimo Jackson sticker in the left corner of the back window. Geronimo Jackson's sticker and album was mentioned in many LOST episodes starting with season 2.
3. The queen lives at #108 which is a reference to the LOST numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) when added together.
4. In Henry's room there is a projection of a swan on the wall, which is one of the Dharma stations (not to mention his mother's name is Emma Swan).

Episode 5 -
1. An Apollo candy bar is seen being offered to Emma. Apollo was the candy bar seen at various times in the Dharma stations.

Episode 6 -
1. Emma grabs a bottle of MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey and pours some into two glasses for herself and Mary.
MacCutcheon is a fictional brand of whiskey featured in LOST. Charles Widmore once refused to share his bottle with Desmond.

Episode 7 -
1. Another reference to 108 when you notice the queen has 108 heart boxes (9 across, 12 down).

Episode 8 -
1. MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey makes a second appearance as Emma relieves some stress.

Episode 9 -
1. The Apollo bar makes another apperance after the contents of Henry's bag is dumped out in the store to show what was put in there.
2. The evil queen turns into a black cloud of smoke, referencing the smoke monster/man in black from the LOST series.
3. The mysterious stranger who appears at the end of the episode has the number 23 on his license plate. 23 is one of the LOST numbers.

Episode 10 -
The Apollo bar makes a 3rd appearance when a depressed Mary picks it up in the grocery store.

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