Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Easter Egg - Spartan Dolls on All Multiplayer Maps

On Halo CEA on each of the multiplayer maps and the the firefight mission there is a Spartan Doll hidden on them somewhere, here are the locations;

Battle Canyon: Behind the blue base is a room with a teleporter inside, look up into the hole in the top and you'll see a small part of the doll, shoot it and it will fall.

Breakneck: Go to the Construction Stairwell inside the tall building look up and in one of the holes in the ceiling is the head of the doll, shoot it and it will fall.

High Noon: On the red's tower spawn a Sniper Rifle and look at the farthest wall look at it in double zoom and keep going up until you see a faint ramp. There are two or three bumps on the ramp, one of which is the doll. Shoot the right one and it will fall down for you.

Penance: Go to the Control Room and up the stairs; there will be two things coming out of the floor. Crouch by the one farthest from the stairs and hold X and the Spartan Doll will pop out of the wall.

Ridgeline: Go to the red base and go across the bridge and behind the boulder with the Ghost, by it is a crate. Punch it three times and it opens revealing a Spartan Doll.

Solitary: Go up to the 2nd floor where the elevator is and look through the window with the blue tubes inside. Spawn a teleporter and place it inside the window and spawn another one on the outside. Go through the teleporter and, if you go to the right, in a small alcove is the doll.

Installation 04: Go into the Firefight lobby and go onto the map and make it so you can't die, then go to the wall that is left to the warthog with Jet Pack and fly up out of the map where the tree is. Over the ledge and in front of one of the rocks there is the Sparrtan Doll. Throw a grenade at it and return to the battlefield, and it will fall down with you.

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