Batman Arkham City Easter Egg - Scarecrow's Secret Room

Find the boat in the Industrial District by the set of cranes. Glide onto it and go to the hatch at the end of the boat. This may take a few tries, but you need to stand in the right spot with your cryptographic sequencer to crack the code to open the hatch (Note that the lock box cannot be seen while doing this). This is a max difficulty security code to crack. Once the hatch is successfully open, you can go inside. You'll see roaches crawling everywhere, an invoice to Johnathan Crane a.k.a the Scarecrow, and a tied up thug. Make sure you zoom in on the thug with your camera. Enjoy!

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Contributed By: pharaohegg on 11-04-2011
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ArkhamGuy197 writes:
A lot of people don't notice the other Scarecrow Eggs. On a building in the Industrial District there's a bale of hay with Scarecrow's mask on it. Also whilst Protocol 10 is being executed and you're getting to the tower to confront Strange and (spoiler alert) Ra's Al Ghul, there are several buildings near Gotham Olympus there are dead thugs with brown masks over there faces, like the Scarecrow's. Also there is a fenced-off area and when you throw an RC Batarang over there are tanks of fear gas with Jack O' Lanterns spray painted over them.
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Mark writes:
I think it's funny how his name is Jonathan Crane and the Easter egg is near two Cranes
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gladiator writes:
@ Mark:Also,The Scarecrow's mask is between the cranes,on the broken part of the bridge where you get the upgrade for the grapnel gun
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TheDarkWolf writes:
Zoom in on the unconscious inmate!!!
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