Duke Nukem 3D Easter Egg - Mission: Impossible!

Because I couldn't find it here at all, which kinda amused me as it's really easily noticeable to anyone who actually saw the movie, I decided to write it down here myself.

1.) Start the episode "THE BIRTH" (atomic edition/Plutonium Pak only)
2.) Go through the first level of this episode called "It's impossible"
3.) After you open the red key door you will eventually arrive into a ventilation shaft that ends over a large white room (first you have to detonate the laser tripbombs that are set around the end of the shaft - this alone should be an obvious reference to the famous Vault Scene from the Mission Impossible movie in which the ventilation scene was guarded by lasers.
4.) But the best is yet to come. Once you fall into the room, you'll see a re-creation of the Vault apparently shortly after Tom Cruise's and Jean Reno's intrusion. Nod to this is given by the fact that upon closer look you can notice the knife in the desk and even better - a vomit on the ground! If you move here, you'll set off the alarm and lots of enemies will come from every side. Be careful!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-28-2011
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition
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Vault scene
Vault scene

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