Max Payne 2 Easter Egg - 4 not-that-obvious Mp1 References


1- In Max Payne 1, you get to see posters of a movie called "Freaking Zombie Demons" in Lupino's place, near some books. In Max Payne 2, at Chapter Two: A Criminal Mastermimd, just after you meet Mike the Cowboy, you can watch the Captain Baseballbat-Boy TV show. Watch it long enough, and you will see that the enemies of Baseballbat-Boy are called "...the Freaking Zombie Demons from Outer Space."

2- In MP1, near the bar that you kill both Rico Muerte and Frankie "The bat" Niagra, there's a bathroom. On the wall of this bathroom, there is some "advertising" about something that the number is 555-PSSY. In MP2, at Chapter Seven Continued, a man will be killed, Mona will call him a drama queen, and you will go in his apartment. Go to his living room and watch the TV. After some time, you will see an ad for a phone sex line, Dangerous Liasons (the same one that Max calls and you hear its playback at the sniper's hideout in chapter Four). At the end of the ad, you will hear the number of the phone line. Guess what? 555-PSSY.

3- When you're going after Gognitti in MP1, you can see a billboard advertising a Beretta, but calling it "America's Avenger." Back in front of the drama queen's TV on MP2, watch further into the ads. It might take some time, but you'll see the ad for America's Avenger. By the way, the guy from the ad will say for you to use it when your whole family has been killed and you have no hope whatsoever... Where have we seen a man trying to avenge the death of his loved ones with a Beretta?

4- When you're at the Deep-Six facility, in MP1, you'll look for a code. The code is 665. Max will say: "665, the neighbor of the beast." Back to MP2. At Chapter Four: No 'Us' in this, you'll have to find a code to get to the suites. The janitor singing "Late Goodbye" can tell you the code. He says that the code is "... 667. The neighbor of the beast! Get it?" Why does that sound familiar?

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Contributed By: Kayhow on 01-13-2011
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Played both max payne 1 and 2
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