Sopranos, The Easter Egg - Sweet, Sweet Revenge....Sort Of

A couple of the characters/plots/situations that come up in the HBO series closely mirror, or find their beginnings in, the rich history of Hollywood's Mob movies.
In Goodfellas, Michael Imperioli plays Spider, a guy who serves drinks, who Joe Pesci's character, in one of his trademark fits of rage, shoots a hole in his foot.
In one scene of The Sopranos, when Christopher (Michael Imperioli) is disrespected in a local bakery, he dispenses justice by shooting the baker's foot, a la Joe Pesci.
I'm sure there are a ton more mob movie/Soprano eggs out there.

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Contributed By: superchris50 on 01-07-2000
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Special Requirements: this episode of The Sopranos, and the movie Goodfellas
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bids writes:
If you are interested in all this Godfather and oranges thing have a look at this site. You will find very interesting the link of oranges and the Corleones.
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DTAYLOR writes:
Is that really an egg or just an allusion? If you count that, then I think the episode where Tony is almost asassinated should be considered. The two guys shoot at him while he is buying a bottle of orange juice from a street vendor. Remember how Don Corleone got shot while buying oranges at an open-air market in The Godfather I ?
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kitten writes:
Since I've seen Goodfellas literally over 50 times, I catch plenty, and here's another good one. In the third season, there's the episode where Michael Imperioli's character, Chrissie, gets 'made'. Except, they can't tell him anything, and he starts getting nervous on the way that instead of getting made, he's gonna get whacked. By the time he gets there, he's terrified., especially when he is ushered into the room. Then he sees Tony and the guys there and relaxes, saying he was scared, and Tony says, "Aw, you've seen too many movies." In Goodfellas, Joe Pesci's character, Tommy (the one that kills Imperioli's character, Spider) gets whacked when he's tricked into thinking he's being taken to his ceremony to be made...he gets ushered into a room, sees it's empty, says, 'Oh, n--"and BLAMMO. So I figure that Sopranos scene and definitely that 'seen too many movies' line is a nod to Goodfellas. -kitten
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Dave P writes:
The guy who gets shot he yells "you shot my foot", Christopher replys "It happens".
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Paulypeanuts writes:
While watching Godfather 3 today i noticed in the scene where Andy Garcia takes Sopia Coppala to see The Genco Olive Oil Company their grandfather had started many years ago .After the look at the building they go into a little restraunt across the street and take a seat , i noticed it is the actual room where Tony`s crew and Johnny Sack`s have there sit downs when in NYC.
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Andy writes:
When Tony Soprano is in one of his sessions with Dr. Melfi, the topic of him reading Machiavelli comes up (Season 3, 4th or 5th episode). In "The Bronx Tale", Sonny (Chazz Palmenteri) relates his life to "The Prince", by Machiavelli.
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alan writes:
Many connections between goodfellas, godfather, and sopranos. In the sopranos, paulie walnuts, chrisopher Moltasante, "Big Pus" Bompesero, Dr. Melfi,and Charmine Bucco all were either major characters in Goodfellas or at least had parts as extras. Also, "Carmella Soprano"'s name might actually be based on the fact that Henry Hill's mother's name in real life was Carmella. Another connection between Sopranos and the Godfather: In a sopranos episode, i forget which, a scene has an eerie similarity with a short part of the Godfather. One of the characters is traveling down a slow moving, dark elevator, seeing someone through the bars as the elevator reaches the floor. This is VERY much like the Godfather scene where they are going to the basement of a morgue after Sonny dies.
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Did you ever stop to think that these situations, i.e. Freaking the guy out on the way to get made, are common to mob movies because they are common practices within the mafia? Plus these people were cast as mob guys or mafia princesses in Goodfellas and The Sopranos because they look like them. These are not eggs.
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cloudy9420 writes:
That scene was not in The Godfather, it was in Goodfellas
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