Hitman: Blood Money Easter Egg - Playboy's symbol reference!


1-At the "You Better Wach Out" mission, get a Suit V.I.P. Guest (you can climb the hatch at the beginning of the mission and strangle a guest from up there)
2-Go to the bar. At its right, there's two bodyguards and a hallway. Go in the hall.
3-At the cavern, search for a really small waterfall with a photographer sitting on the wall.
4-Go into the waterfall. You'll be at a secret passage.
5-Exit the secret passage through the other side. There will be a couple kissing.
6-Approach the couple and they will stop kissing. The man will go away and the woman will enter a room. Follow her.
7-A really short cutscene will show her passing her hand on 47's shoulder. The cutscene will end and the woman will say "Men are so easy," then she will try to kill you.
8-Kill her and drag the body out of the middle of the room. Oh, and you can't put her behind the couch because there's another woman over there already.
9- Pay close attention to the floor. There should be something that looks like a thermometer lying over there.
10-Get your binoculars or a gun that has scope (such as the upgraded Silverballer or the Sniper). Aim at the thermometer.
11- You should see an emblem at that object. It's just like Playboy's, but instead of a bunny with a smoking tie, it's a pig with a normal tie!

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Contributed By: Kayhow on 10-27-2010
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: A V.I.P. Guest suit and a binoculars or scope-armed gun.
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it's her Stiletto not a thermometer
it's her Stiletto not a thermometer

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Kayhow writes:
Thanks for adding the Picture. Even if it's not a thermometer, it's still got the logo.
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