Mario Kart: Double Dash Easter Egg - More Sunshine References

1: On Luigi Circuit. Go through the Chain Chomp Shortcut and up the ramp. There will be a lot of signs. One of them says Mario Racing.
But there is a Sunshine in the middle. (Mario (SUNSHINE) Racing)

2: In Peach Beach. Right before you get onto the beach you will see a boat, the Sunshine Cruiser! It says "SUNSHINE" on it, and a Sunshine icon under it!

3: Again, in Peach Beach, you know that town right behind it? I know this is kinda obvious, but that town is Delfino Plaza! With Nokis and Piantas from Super Mario Sunshine!

4: In Dry Dry Desert. After the area with the giant...piranha thingy.... There's alot of signs, and one of them says Sunshine Parts!

5: In Mario Circuit, the part with the Chain Chomp. There will be alot of signs to the right. The same sign from Luigi Circuit is one of them!
Mario (SUNSHINE) Racing!

6: In Yoshi Circuit, right after the Piranha Plants at the beginning. Pay close attention to the wall to your right. There will be a BIG sign...from Sunshine! It has the M that Shadow Mario kept painting everywhere!

7:You know the Sunshine Cruiser from Peach Beach? Well it's cruising on by Yoshi Circuit! When you're in the cave part near the beginning, look out the little windows in the cave, you can see the Sunshine Cruiser in the distance!

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