Battlefield 2 Easter Egg - Dice Earphone Logo

Before you do this egg you MUST go to the "Video" tab in the Settings and make sure that Textures are High (not Texture smoothing) or you won't be able to see it. You must load the Gulf of Oman (32 or 64 preferably) map. Then you must look at an USMC Spec Ops earphones. You can see this in 2 ways. First you can look at a person standing still who has a Spec Ops kit. Second you can use the Commander Glitch (may not work in all versions).
1: Be on USMC team.
2: Get Spec Ops kit.
3: Be Commander.
4: Get up high (jet or heli)
5: While your falling deploy your parachute. (Make sure you land on land, this does not work in water.)
6: Press F12.
7: Press Caps Lock to go to Commander Screen and zoom in all the way on the map (location doesn't matter)
8: Once you have landed exit the Commander Screen.
9: If done correctly you should now be seeing a 3rd person view of yourself, position the right side of your head so you see your right earphone up close.
And look at your right headphone. You should see a logo on this earphone... It's Dice!
Please Note: The Commander Glitch may not work on all versions of BF2. This Egg was done in BF2 Demo.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-02-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Battlefield 2 (Full Version or Demo), Gulf of Oman, Spec Ops Kit, High Textures
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Look at his earphone, if look closely you'll see Dice's logo.
Look at his earphone, if look closely you'll see Dice's logo.

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