Portal Easter Egg - The Cake Is a Lie!!

Shockingly I don't see this one reported yet upon scouring the three current versions listed on this site.

During Chamber 16 you'll be tasked with evading multiple live-fire turrets. After you deal with the first 2 or 3 you'll eventually come to a sequence in which two face one another. The one can see you and will fire but will hit a protective, impenetrable wall. Look to your left and you will see two cubes jamming a press. Use the gun to move the cubes and underneath, written in red, is the word HELP.

After sufficiently moving the cubes you'll be able to crouch and go into the wire mesh to explore. Immediately on your left is written multiple times (5 plus) "The Cake is a Lie!", a handprint, multiple wall tallies (as if to indicate the number of days trapped and pictures of "tasty" cake.

This is, of course, a reference to the constant promises by the automated voice of Cake and Refreshments upon course completion.

Further you'll see a pan on top of a computer hard drive and a carton of milk. Apparently the stow-away/captive was using a burnt-out hardrive to cook with. We can assume the individual figured it out

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Contributed By: JPhinfan86 on 09-07-2009
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Special Requirements: Portal (OrangeBox Version)
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qwkx, this IS an egg, and one of the most common/popular eggs at that, if you listen to the story line The whole story is about after you complete the enrichment center's tasks, you get awarded with a cake, the whole question is, is the cake a lie or not? The whole idea (if you listen carefully, or replay often), is that the cake is real, BUT it's not an award for Chell, in fact, Chell is supposed to be an ingredient in the cake, as GLaDOS makes the comment "First you will be baked, then there will be cake", the cake you are supposed to be awarded is a lie, therefore, "The cake is a lie", it is hidden content about the game, therefore it is an egg
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Jedi Sean writes:
Maybe nobody posted it because EVERYBODY knows about this!!!!! There are T-shirts with this slogan! Its the most memorable line in the game! To everyone, you should really be sure people don't know what it is.
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qwkx writes:
this isn't an egg. It's meant to be seen but just out of the way in the level cause it's not necessarily important. It implies that another test subject had been there. The other easter egg that's similar is an actual egg cause it contains the website and the password. There are many other similar places like this throughout the game. go to the combine overwiki and search up rat man for more info.
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u83rm4n writes:
Actually, the person who wrote these things is not another test subject, but an (I think) escaped scientist. http://www.thinkwithportals.com/comic/ Read it and it will give you an intro to the next game.
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GideaNinja writes:
could someone add this "more info" ? about ratman on the overwiki?
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