Silent Hill: Origins Easter Egg - South Park reference

When you are outside, press the triangle button to access the map of the town (that's why it's important tat you be outside, as the egg appears on this particular map). Zoom and move the cursor to the lower left corner of the map. Next to the Riverside Motel, Riverside Dr. and the Blue Catfish Dinner, you will see the indication "To South Park," a pretty obvious reference to Tray Parker and Matt Stone's world-famous cartoon.

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Contributed By: SsnakeBite on 04-20-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
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This isn't necessarily an egg, there are a lot of places named south park. Now, i don't remember where this game takes place,(to freaky to play anymore, mabye later), but IF its in Colorado, then id say its an egg. According to the movie, however, i believe silent hill is in Virginia.
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SsnakeBite writes:
Well, the exact location of the town has never been mentioned. There's been hints of it being located in New England, California, Maine, Pennsylvania among others. Also, according to Homecoming, the town is located in the fictitious Toluca County. But anyway, even though it is true that there are places called South Park, I doubt it's a coincidence if they chose to put that exact name on the map (the other specified direction is "to interstate").
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