Saint's Row 2 Easter Egg - Reference to zombie lin from saints row 1

When listening to the radio station ultor FM, listen VERY carefully to the advertisments played between songs. One of the advertisments is about a reporter called Seph Nicoles. I have divided the advertisment's speech into four pieces so i can easily pick out and show you the bit you need to see. you should hear the following:
1.announcer: he's dismissed global warming..
seph nicoles: it's just hot outside!

2.announcer: he's tackled the supernatural...
seph nicoles: the idea of a zombie woman dressed as a westside roller is absurd!

3.announcer: and he's shattered our frail illusions...
seph nicoles: i'm standing here at the north pole! there's snow! nothing but snow!

4.annoucer: but next month, investigative reporter seph nicoles is about to face his biggest challenge yet... to find the ultor pyramid! he asks the tough questions...
seph nicoles: is there an ultor R and D security code?
announcer: secrets of the pyramid, coming next month on channel six.

now look at number 2. it says:
announcer: he's tackled the supernatural..
seph nicoles: the idea of a zombie woman dressed as a west side roller is absurd!
This is obviously a reference to zombie lin from saints row 1,who is wearing her west side roller clothing. To unlock zombie lin as a homie in saints row 1, you have to call eye for an eye on 555-5966 after you have completed the mission in which lin dies. If you don't believe me, go on saints row 1, get past the bit where lin dies, call eye for an eye(555-5966),and see for yourself. Then, listen carefully to the advertisments on ultor FM in saints row 2 and eventually you will hear the advertisment with the reference in.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-09-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: a copy of saints row 2 for xbox 360, playstation 3, or PC. also, to fully understand egg, saints row 1 is needed.
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